Rugby, art and music

Rugby - encapsulating team spirit

For almost a century, Societe Generale has been committed to supporting rugby at all levels, from the grass roots to the most prestigious international competitions. Since 2007 we have been a Worldwide Partner of Rugby World Cup, a partnership that will continue through to Japan in 2019.

Whether amateur or professional, the sport embodies one of Societe Generale’s core values in team spirit.

Our association with the sport encompasses the men’s and women’s games across all formats, including full Rugby Union, Sevens, and Touch.

Classical music: a 30-year partnership


Societe Generale’s support for classical music dates back to 1987, with the creation of a dedicated charity. It has gradually established itself as a key player in the musical world, contributing to expanding the reach of classical music beyond its traditional audience.

Societe Generale partners with 23 orchestras and ensembles, giving more than 1,000 concerts and performances every year. Iconic venues also benefit from Societe Generale’s support. These include the Philharmonie de Paris, the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord among others in France, as well as the National Theatre of Prague in the Czech Republic. In the UK, Societe Generale is also a corporate member of the Royal Albert Hall and of the Glyndebourne Opera festival.

By helping leading music schools, lending instruments, and awarding scholarships students to help with their professional development, Societe Generale also supports the talents of today who are set to become the major artists of tomorrow.

We have also pioneered the hugely successful ‘Playing for...’ concerts, which see Societe Generale staff perform alongside professional musicians from Les Siecles symphony orchestra. Following three performances in Paris since their launch in 2012, the series took its first steps outside of France in 2017 with the Playing for London concert spectacular at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

Supporting Contemporary Art for over 20 years 

Within the UK a long-standing corporate partnership with the Victoria & Albert museum has seen the bank act as main sponsor for two flagship exhibitions in ‘Botticelli Reimagined’ and ‘Opera: Passion, Power and Politics’. The bank is the first sponsor to have supported two of the gallery’s flagship exhibitions in successive years.

The bank’s head office in Paris is home to a diverse contemporary art collection (photography, paintings, sculptures, lithography, etc), which embodies the Group's support of artistic creation around the world. The development of the Collection went hand in hand with a desire to share contemporary art with the wider public, especially children. Guided tours, educational workshops, artistic projects and a growing visibility on social media all contribute to this commitment.