Women in Finance Charter

In 2019 we signed up to HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter. We’re proud to be one of over 250 firms that have voluntarily committed to work together to build a more equitable and fair industry in terms of gender balance. We’ve worked hard to ensure success in delivering, not just the Charter’s targets, but taking them further to embrace the spirit of them into our everyday actions across the Bank.

A key target was to see the representation of women in senior roles (VPs and above) increase to 25% by 2022 across our UK platform (SG London Branch, SG International Limited and Kleinwort Hambros). We’re proud that we achieved this target ahead of schedule and so we increased this to achieve 30% by 2025. However, since we are already close to reaching this revised target, we have subsequently extended our ambition to achieve 35% of women in senior roles by 2028, which we are on track to achieve.

HM Treasury's Women in Finance Charter 

HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter is a UK Government sponsored initiative which reflects the aspiration to see gender balance at all levels across the financial services sector.

The Charter commits companies to support the progression of women into senior roles in the financial services sector.

Our Commitment 

The Charter is comprised of four pledges.  Our targets mapped to each are:

  1. To have a senior executive take responsibility and accountability for gender diversity and inclusion.

    • Our UK Executive Committee endorsed the signature of the Charter, with Thierry d'Argent, CEO, SG London Branch and Chief Country Officer, UK and Ireland, being the lead sponsor.

  2. To set an internal target for gender diversity across senior management.

    • Our target is to increase the number of women in senior roles (Vice President and above) across our UK platform (SG London Branch, SG International Limited and Kleinwort Hambros) to reach a minimum of 35% by 2028.

  3. To publish our progress annually against these targets on our website, linking directly to the HM Treasury website.  

    • Since signing, we are now publishing our targets and reporting on our progress annually to support the transparency and accountability needed to drive change.

  4. To link our senior executive team’s reward with delivery against our gender diversity targets. 

    • Each UK Executive Committee member has a diversity and inclusion objective linked to how the Business Unit(s) or Service Unit(s) under their scope of accountability contribute to the overall UK result.  Each year, their appraisals include a specific and measurable performance assessment linked to the creation and implementation of specific divisional annual diversity and inclusion plans.