Societe Generale in the UK

Societe Generale was established in the UK in 1871 as the Group's first international office outside France.

In 2021 we celebrated our 150th anniversary in the country, demonstrating and reaffirming our long-standing commitment to the UK. Watch this short video to discover some of the key moments that mattered in a century and a half of our history, driven by partnerships, innovation and progress. 

Every journey starts

With a single step.

This one starts

With a step back in time

To Societe Generale’s first step beyond France

Into London, England in 1871.

The world’s new financial centre.

New office.

New outlook.

New opportunities.

Supporting our domestic and international clients

Connecting capital and expertise

Between the UK and the opening world.

150 years later

And much has changed.

Our society

Our economy

The technology that powers our lives

The sustainability that will safeguard our world.

What hasn’t changed?

Our entrepreneurial mindset

Our pioneering spirit

Our client focus

Our responsible solutions.

And wherever our clients are heading in 2021 and beyond

We’re by their side every step of the way.

On an essential journey of sustainability.

Partnering with global energy leaders

On the transition from fossil fuels

To clean renewables

On a digital first journey of connectivity.

Partnering to build the UK’s next generation telecoms infrastructure

And working to enable disruptors, start-ups and innovators.

On a high-flying journey of eco-engineering

Partnering with the world’s leading thinkers and makers

To design real assets and tangible solutions.

Everyday we help our clients build the future

Leveraging our deep roots in the UK.

150 years to look back on with pride

There’s so much to look forward to.

The future is you – Societe Generale

Thanks to our strong presence in the UK, we have built meaningful relationships with major companies, investors, business leaders and government entities, which we harness for the benefit of our clients.

The Group's expertise in the UK ranges from corporate and investment banking to private banking services, asset management, prime brokerage and clearing services to vehicle and equipment finance. Click here to find out more about what we do.

Our commitment goes beyond just serving our clients. Across all our entities, we take our role in the community seriously. We have developed partnerships with local and national charities in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy to make the banking sector more accessible to individuals who are under-represented in financial services – minority ethnicities, women, and those from low-socio economic backgrounds. For more information on our CSR strategy and programmes, please click here.

Our headquarters are located in the heart of London’s new financial centre in Canary Wharf, where since 2019 we have been based at One Bank Street. 

Our state-of-the-art building allows us to bring together all of our businesses and knowledge under one roof to offer our clients ever more integrated and creative solutions as well as enhancing their experience of working with us.

We are also proud to hold an Outstanding BREEAM rating for our One Bank Street office, confirming it as one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in the City and Canary Wharf combined.