Conflicts of Interest - Societe Generale London Branch

Conflicts of Interest - Societe Generale London Branch

Building strong and lasting relationships with our clients is important to us.  Due to the nature of Societe Generale London Branch's business, a number of actual or potential situations might arise in which a client's interests’ conflict (or could be perceived to conflict) with our interests, those of our staff, associates, or those of our other clients.  

A Conflict of Interest is a situation where a firm, or an individual, finds itself, in the course of carrying out its activities, at the centre of multiple interests, which may either oppose each other or differ. 

Conflicts of Interest Policy

We have established, implemented, and maintain arrangements to identify, manage, mitigate and, where possible, prevent all Conflicts of Interest, including those that could adversely affect the interests of our clients. These arrangements are underpinned by our Conflicts of Interest Policy, as summarised here.   

Client Consent

Where our arrangements for preventing or managing potential Conflicts of Interest are not sufficient to ensure, with reasonable certainty, that risks of damage to the interests of one or more Clients will be prevented, we will disclose the conflict to the Client, and we may decline to act.