Code First: Girls - Fond memories refreshed


The last time Laura Adjudeanu coded was at high school. As well as revisiting fond memories, the long overdue refresher proved to be inspiring and offered a reminder that coding is really not that complicated. The vice president, credit risk management and agency at Societe Generale in London, spoke to Ragini Campion, Code First: Girls’ commercial manager.

After studying coding at high school, Laura Adjudeanu, now vice president, credit risk management and agency at Societe Generale in London, opted for an accounting degree at University. “I should have probably gone for the IT side, because I quite enjoyed it,” she said. “It was seen as a man’s job, but that is changing.”

Revisiting fond memories reinvigorated Laura’s interest in technology, on a business as well as a personal level. Part of the impetus comes from observing the increasing use of technology in the financial sector.

Further inspiration was offered by a room full of women, which made Laura feel empowered and supported. “I felt inspired and was nicely surprised that Societe Generale had arranged this for women and is upskilling employees, which will make a massive difference in the future, particularly as new technologies are implemented.”

While Laura wanted to do the course because she had some background in coding, she acknowledges there is zero need for prior experience. “I did a lot of marketing for you! A lot of people were unsure, partly because the perception is that coding is complex, but it is not,” she said.

As far as career opportunities for women in technology in banks, Laura was forthright. “Go for it,” she said. “The first thing you need to do is try; you never know where you may end up and what opportunities are around the corner. A lot of women are not very confident, but it is your duty to yourself to try. Nothing is impossible, we see women in tech.

“There is momentum, and we should all take advantage of that,” she said. “It is not just a feminist act, it should be supported by men as well.”

At a broader level, Laura is eager to encourage people to join Societe Generale for its innovation, diversity, work life balance and the steep learning curve on offer.