Hackney East Project Report


The Hackney East project, a partnership between Societe Generale, Societe Generale UK Foundation, Linklaters and UBS that was delivered by ELBA, has come to an end.

The three-year collaborative project was designed to upskill the residents in the east of the borough and empower local communities.

Thank you to the many Societe Generale employees who volunteered throughout the duration of the programme, helping to increase skills and build confidence amongst Hackney’s residents and organisations.

The end of Hackney East marks a decade of collaboration, with the 7-year Hackney Works programme taking place prior. Our ten-year legacy now continues through our new capacity-building project, Evolve. The Evolve Project aims to help ensure the sustainability of Hackney’s third sector and ultimately, improve the lives of Hackney residents in response to the effects of COVID-19.

Read the full Hackney East project report by clicking on the image below.