Our partnership with International Finance Corporation


Vincent Nobilet, Managing Director, Agribusiness, Trade and Sustainable Commodity Finance at Societe Generale, gave an in-depth look at our partnership with IFC.

Video transcript

IFC and Societe Generale have been co-financing over 60 transactions over the last 10 years with other partners, representing more than $20 billion of new investments in emerging economies.

In our partnership, we strongly value IFC's in-depth knowledge of emerging economies, IFC's strong balance sheet, and also IFC's very good skills in ESG space. During seven years in a row, Societe Generale and IFC co-arranged and co-financed cotton crops in West Africa. When the political situation became unstable, having IFC by our side was a strong element of comfort for us in getting our credit approvals.

On top of that, IFC required and provided training to the clients in terms of ESG governance. This contributed to our joint goals of having the clients improve its governance and practices in the ESG space.